Moms about to Pop

When two pink lines give you an explanation for your nausea and tiredness and you realise that you’re going to have a baby there may be a range of emotions about the 40 week trek ahead.

Pregnancy is the ideal time to have homeopathic treatment because it is safe for mother and baby (when other medicines may not be).

Morning sickness, sinusitis, back pain, colds and flu’s as well as emotional responses to being pregnant can all be treated homeopathically. Homeopathy can offer some obste“tricks” to assist the labour and its aftereffects as well as with issues with breastfeeding, bleeding and the “baby blues” after the baby is born.

Babies & Toddlers

What a strange, new world it is that a newborn is thrust into. Having relied upon mother for nutrition, defence, warmth and oxygen for nine months, he is suddenly independent.

Babies may need assistance in dealing with their new environment and homeopathy can help by easing the transition. This important initial phase is so important as it creates the building blocks and stepping stones for later development.

As much as all babies may look the same, they are still prescribed remedies according to their individual vitalities. They demonstrate this by their hunger, body temperature, digestion, temperament and of course, their symptoms.

Homeopathy can assist with the treatment of fevers, ear infections, skin eruptions, sleeping difficulties, colic and teething issues. As a great deal of development and growth occur in this time, homeopathic treatment needs to be keep up with the changes occurring in the baby. As these little ones become bigger and move more and interact with their environment with greater ease, so their exposure to different influences increases. Their need for homeopathic assistance will depend on how well they cope with these new challenges.

By the time babies are no longer babies, but walking, talking miniature adults (i.e. toddlers) they may only need a remedy for the occasional infection or for developmental issues such as nightmares, biting, tantrums or separation anxiety.

The remedies are safe to take from birth, are non-addictive and do not have side effects. They also promote the little one’s immunity and vitality so that they are stronger the next time an infection does the rounds.


Childhood is a magical time of development and change. Homeopathy helps keep children’s development on track with interventions that reduce physical stressors (such as illnesses or hormonal changes) or emotional stressors (the arrival of a new sibling, separation from a parent through divorce or death, bullying or trauma).

During childhood the challenges of schoolwork may bring to the fore issues such as attention difficulties, sleep problems, enuresis and anxiety, whilst peer pressure may bring out new emotional reactions relating to socialising. Physical problems such as growing pains and childhood infections illnesses are also common.

As a homeopath that has specialised knowledge in paediatric neurodevelopment, the goal is not simply to make a symptom go away, but to restore the child to a better and stronger state. To do that, every aspect of the child’s health is taken into consideration.


Whatever you call this phase (“adolescence”, “puberty”, “teens”) it is a bumpy bridge between childhood and adulthood. This transition phase is fraught with hormonal changes, identity issues, peer pressures and self-discovery. Along with this emotional turmoil come the physical changes of a new body, new voice and new image. Homeopathic assistance may be needed to see an adolescent through the difficulties that come along with the hormonal changes as children transition to adults.